About me

char[] marcin_gryszko =
“Business Problem Solver using 0s and 1s aka Software Developer”;

Who am I?

I work daily with enterprise Java and Groovy, but I talk also TDD, JavaScript, Scala, C++ and hundreds of other strange and fancy acronyms.

During more than 10 years I helped many customers (as in-house developer, external consultant or contractor) in transforming their ideas into working software. I worked in totally different industry branches (telco, internet startups, travel, logistics) and I like to learn inner workings of every business. I developed web and server-side solutions, rich client and mobile applications.

Even after a decade in the IT industry I feel the more I learn, the more appetite for knowledge I have. I love when my code is simple but yet beautiful and harmonious. I am a testing junkie and obsessed with quality. I sense enormous passion for my work; I tinker with code not only during the hours I dedicate to my customers but also in my spare time.

I think my best visit card is my code; you may check my work at GitHub

What can I or my employer do for you?

  • understand your complex business problems
  • find the root of the problem
  • offer you a strategic software solution (and maybe some alternatives)
  • develop a top-notch application addressing that problem and not stopping halfway with a mediocre result
  • make it “simple as it can be, but not simpler”
  • care about your investment in us (money!) as if it were ours
  • provide rock solid work and hand over a well-crafted and tested code
  • mentor your team on the long, winding and never-ending road to a perfect software by teaching you Test Driven Development and Acceptance TDD
  • share my experience with object oriented development
  • transmit you the passion I put into my everyday work
  • be sincere and open
  • and last but not least: communicate fluently in German (beside English and Spanish)

And in my private life

  • Nature lover, avid cyclist (touring, mountain and road), hiker and skier
  • Married with Isabel