Haskell TDD kickstart with HSpec and Guard

You’ll need:

  • Haskell Platform. It includes (among other things) Cabal – Haskell build system.
  • HSpec – Haskell testing library
cabal update && cabal install hspec
  • Ruby – install through rvm, your OS package manager or use system-provided Ruby interpreter.
  • RubyGems
  • Guard and guard-haskell – for watching your code and executing tests on change
gem install guard-haskell
  • in your project – Guardfile and your-project-name.cabal build descriptor (and of course some code and its tests)

I created a sample project – hspec-kicstart – that bundles everything together.
It has a minimal Guard and Cabal configuration, more-than-trivial production code and the test.

After cloning the project

cabal test

should tell you 1 of 1 test suites (1 of 1 test cases) passed.


and then Enter (runs all tests) yields 1 example, 0 failures.

Clone it, play with it and enjoy!