Script for downloading all owned tracks in Wikiloc


Jordi Ramot, Wikiloc’s creator, asked me to remove the script from GitHub, argumenting that it could add an additional load to already over stressed servers. I agreed, since I’m a avid Wikiloc user and I’d like to have this awesome and free service up and running.

Original post

You have tens or hundreds of track in Wikiloc. You didn’t store them locally on your computer. Now you want to download them. Going through the list of tracks in Wikiloc and downloading them individually is tiresome.

On the other hand, I wanted to practice my Ruby skills. The solution is a small script written in Ruby. You can download it from GitHub:

It uses Mechanize and Nokogiri for the scraping part (you have to install the Mechanize gem (gem install mechanize).

The usage is simple:

Usage: download_all_tracks [options]
    -u USER                          email or user name

I hope this functionality will be implemented directly in Wikiloc – your data is yours, so you should be able to download it.