Grails base persistence specification (Osoco test gallery, part 3)

In our projects we include at least one integration test per domain class. We want to assure us that the GORM mapping is correct and the class is persistable in the target database.

The test plan is simple:

  • create a valid persistable sample of the domain object
  • save it
  • clear Hibernate first level cache (i.e. flush and clear current session)
  • retrieve the object once again and compare it with the previously saved object. They must be equal as by equals() but be different object references

We put the steps above in a base abstract specification. In concrete specifications we implement merely the factory method spawning a persistable object instance.

abstract class PersistenceSpec extends IntegrationSpec {
    SessionFactory sessionFactory

    protected abstract createPersistableDomainObject()
    def 'persistable domain object should be able to be saved and retrieved'() {
        def persistableDomainObject = createPersistableDomainObject()

        def savedDomainObject =

        then: != null


        def retrievedDomainObject = persistableDomainObject.class.get(

        savedDomainObject == retrievedDomainObject

    private clearFirstLevelCache() {

This post series present the best of Osoco tests – tests that were tricky or we are just proud of. You can find a runnable source code for this test and more in the Grails Test Gallery project shared on GitHub.