Grails as daemon in Jenkins

Sometimes you need to run Grails embedded Tomcat container in background as a part of your build in Jenkins/Hudson. Launching a grails run-app & as Execute shell build step will result in a warning from Jenkins: Process leaked file descriptors.

The problem is described in the Jenkins wiki with some possible solutions. I chose the daemonize tool. As far as I know it is not available in any Debian repository, so I had to build it myself. It takes less than 3 minutes; just follow the instructions from the daemonize website.

I wrapped the grails run-app with daemonize in a handy script: that you can download from the Osoco’s GitHub repository.

The script starts the embedded Grails server with HTTP or HTTPS connector and then checks if the server is up and running by polling a configured URL. After e.g. some functional tests, it kills the server process by its PID.

If you want to apply the script in your build, you have to customize some variables, listed (and documented) in the script header. Usage is very simple: start|start-https|stop|force-stop

Sample Jenkins build configuration:
Build steps:

<your-app-dir>/ force-stop
<your-app-dir>/ start

Post build tasks:

<your-app-dir>/ stop